Wine Club


Do you ever find you buy the same wine.....over and over and over again!? But, do you do this because when you branch outside your comfort zone, you have NO IDEA where to begin!? That's WHY we started the wine club. We want to help you try AMAZING wines that are outside the norm. We want to help you expand your wine horizons - EVERY MONTH!

Have you been in the shop!? If you have, you know that we have only about 140+ of the greatest wines (in their respective price brackets) from around the world. With limited space, we spend hours a week tasting wine and we only bring in the best, most amazing wine that is hard to find anywhere else. We pride ourselves on searching out great quality, great wine making, and great flavor. We have had great success in the shop because we have such amazing customers that take time to taste, and explore, and most of all appreciate the unique items that we bring in.

We want our Wine Club to reflect the shop. We want to introduce you to wines you have never heard of, never thought to try, or can’t find anywhere else in Rochester! We love educating and talking about wine, so now it’s time to let you experience what we fall in love with. Without further ado, we introduce to you our Wine Club!


  • Hand-picked wines to match the season
  • Exclusive access to events and products available to Wine Club Members only
  • Tiered selections that will include what is hot, hip & rare
  • No long-term commitment



Bud Break 3 Bottles $50/month 

This is our introduction to amazing wine at an amazing price. The wine community is humming with vineyards, wineries and other distributors that are working hard to get themselves known in the incredibly full, old and well established world of wine. You can thank those wineries that are hundreds if not thousands of years old for the fact that you can get 3 amazing bottles for an amazing price. We won’t disappointed.


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Hang Time 3 Bottles $75/month

There is nothing better than taking that step from beginner to the next level. You can find some of the most refined, elegant, surprise wines at this price point. Move from Napa to Lodi and you have a gorgeous Cabernet Sauvignon! Move from Rioja to Priorat and you find an incredible wine! This part of the wine club is for the more adventurous wine fanatics that LOVE trying something new and different… long as it rocks! There is no doubt that EVERY wine in this part of the wine club will blow you away.


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Veraison 2 Bottles $90/month

As you may (or may not) know, we are developing a reputation for getting access to some of the most exclusive wines in the world! From amazing Malbecs from Nicolas Zapata to gorgeous and super limited Burgundies from Domaine de la Vougeraie, we want to pass along this access to our Club Members. This membership is limited as many of these wines are super limited. But you will no doubt receive some of the most gorgeous wines that will be hard to find again…..ever!

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