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Bright and acidic with grapefruit and hibiscus overtones and underlying island spice notes. ���J2��_ complements a margarita and tiki drinks quite well.

Application: Rum cocktails (Daiquiris, Punches, Mojitos), Highballs, Old Fashioneds

Bittercube Bitters are created in Milwaukee, WI, by hand with real botanicals. No pre-made extracts or flavors are used in our slow-crafted products.

The maceration process is unique to each style and batches take as long as twenty-five days to complete. The company has grown from producing one gallon jars of bitters in 2009 to producing millions of cocktails worth of bitters a year, but the process has largely stayed the same. We source botanicals as close to origin as possible and use high-quality base spirits to create densely flavored bitters.

Bittercube was founded by two bartenders in 2009. As service industry vets, they had a vision for what bold & balanced bitters could be and set out to produce a unique lineup of slow-crafted bitters. The first commercially available batches hit the market in 2010. Over the last decade, the company has built relationships with farmers, botanical suppliers, bartenders, and foodies across the globe.

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