La Miraja Ruche di Castagnole


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Nose: A wild nose redolent of violet, rose, iris, jasmine, cardamom, white pepper, and perhaps most surprisingly for a red wine, lychee.

Palate: Fresh wild berries, red cherry, and pomegranate abound. Perfectly ripened fruit, robust acidity, and moderate tannins enable this grape’s singular, beguiling aromatics to shine.

Pairings: Charcuterie and medium-aged cheeses as well as the classic Piedmontese dish called bagna càuda. This wine also pairs brilliantly with mild Indian cuisine, curry dishes, barbequed meats, and burgers.

Castagnole Monferrato holds the illustrious honor of being the birthplace of Ruché. This grape is a unique red variety found primarily in the rolling hills northwest of the town of Asti, where only seven villages hold the distinction of producing wines under the DOCG. Ampelographers have discovered that Ruché is, in fact, the genetic offspring of the red grape Croatina and the now extinct white grape Malvasia Aromatica di Parma, also known as Malvasia Odorosissima and often compared to Moscato Bianco.

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